A Lovely Santa Fe Art Class Review!

Coco Brochu

“Literally such a fun and satisfying experience! She is extremely professional and has so many amazing stories to tell that are so nice to listen to while painting. Great atmosphere, amazing art, totally worth it. My boyfriend and I had a great time at the studio. Thanks so much!”

Adrian & Coco at Santa Fe Art Classes

Dear Coco, I’m so happy you and Adrian came for a fabulous painting date/paint and sip class! I love that you enjoyed the stories; it’s beautiful to see how you and Adrian exploded with creativity. Of All the things to do in Santa Fe, I’m thrilled that you found Santa Fe Art Classes.

Plus, your watercolor technique was so beautiful… I really hope you keep painting and exploring the style you so naturally emanate. The most difficult thing about being an artist is finding your own rhythm… Your own painting style. And you both have that in spades. Thank you for your very kind review… Means a lot to me.

Appreciate your taking the time when you are just about to go on your grand Adventure to Israel. Come back and paint with me again! XO, Robbi

Porch Exterior - SOO much fun at Santa Fa Art Classes

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