A Printing That Needs No Words

Okay…so this painting changed so many times today ! @SantaFeArtClasses

First is how it look by the end of class…big surprise… after a couple of “muddy” skies, it became a more muted sky than I had envisioned.

I liked the mood and gentleness.

Several hours later the yellow had dried much lighter so I attempted to brighten it.

Painting by Sandy Thurman, Apr 3, 2021

One stroke led to the next and now I have a completely different painting.
Thank you for encouraging me to explore with my painting.
Will definitely be trying this one again (and again).

Dear Sandy,

What an exciting transformation this painting is.
Frankly, this is the kind of movement and change that happens every time I create a work. It allows for truly in the present moment painting and always ends up with something better than I had anticipated.

I believe the courage it takes for you to move through a painting in this manner rather than give up too early is exactly what will punch you into even more, exciting growth as an artist. You are incredible and I am thrilled to be on this journey with you as a guide.

Blessings, Robbi


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