A Young man’s Testimonial

Not so long ago Megan and her boys came to visit me here at @SantaFeArtClasses for a fun and exciting class. You can check their painting experience here.

Then mom sent me this awesome testimonial afterwards:

Dear Megan, I’m so happy you sent this to me! I’m sorry it’s taking me a bit to get back to you; it has been a mad rush with the business since you came in. It was such a pleasure to spend time with you and Chris and the boys. I hope that we do that many many times to come.

I love that he signed his name in Mandarin and yes it is funny that he put the nutrition facts on the back of the canvas. He is such a smart creative young man. I hope that I know you all a long time and get to watch his beauty unfold.

It’s so exciting! XOXO big love from Santa Fe Robbi


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