Our Art Workshop Will Bring Out the Artist in You: we are so excited you wanna play with paint!

Pro-Artist Instructors Discover Your "Inner Artist"

Ever think; “I can’t draw a stick figure?”

Are you a museum collected artist, longing to go deeper?

We embrace, inspire and show you HOW!

Discover your artist different through supportive exploration, finding your authentic expression.

Love exploring Meow Wolf?

Now create your own artist adventure.

MAKE the work, rather than View it! (In only 2 Hours!)

You’ll be guided step by step through a process Robbi developed over 25 years of teaching folks to spark, access and invite creativity.

Leave with a Perfect Santa Fe souvenir: a vibrant, colorful, frame-worthy painting; different than everyone else’s!


It's Easy! Every-ONE is an artist; including YOU.

I’ve just created a process to put you at rest from the start, and step by step, I teach you to drive a paintbrush.

At Santa Fe Art Classes, your Inner Artist eases into creativity the moment you visit on-line, or step into our luscious, quaint little studio art classes.

…Even if you’ve never touched a paint brush!

By the time you leave in 2 hours, you’ve created a frame-worthy, best painting workshop that you can create uniquely your own.

You’ve created your OWN Santa Fe Souvenir, and a priceless memory!

Everyone Is An Artist Including You

Yup. "Everyone is an Artist!" So you think you, "Can't Draw a Stick Figure?"

Guess again! Art workshop is like driving a car; someone just has to show you how!

Remember, “Hands on the Wheel at 2 o’clock & 8!”

Or, did that adult just plop down in the passenger seat and say, “Ok, Honey. Go to the grocery store.”?

Unless you were raised on a farm and churnin’ rows of soil before you were 8, probably not!

Cant Draw A Stick Figure

"Holy Cow! I-MADE-THAT-Painting?"

You’ll break through barriers knowing; “Holy Cow! I-MADE-THAT-Painting!!!”

…And then there’s that huge, gleaming, joyful, unforgettable, gorgeous, Santa Fe, artist Smile!

We design Creativity Retreats.

We serve incentive groups, company outings…

Are you celebrating a Birthday or hosting a Santa Fe Wedding?

Looking for a fun date night, a bachelorette party or Paint & Sip?

How about deeper connection for your Annual Family Meeting? (Yes, we’ll come to your location.)

How about surprising everyone and making an art classes your new Christmas tradition/family activity in Santa Fe?

Whatever your desire, with us, you become an artist for the day…

Paint from your Soul.

Become a member of the rich, artistic traditional and culture of Santa Fe.

Paint with us in Santa Fe, or now, online!

Paint Now

The Perfect Date! Bring Wine to Privates!

We’re not just creative with paint.

If you have an AWESOME idea you’d like to come to fruition, give me a call.

Let’s see what we can create together!

Best, Robbi

Santa Fe Perfect Date


Our mission is to inspire and empower people to live more creative lives, everyday. And, our constant commitment to non-profits brings joy to our hearts, and good to our community.

We ain’t just talk. We LOVE supporting others.

So, if you have something in mind, just give me a call.

If it’s a 501C-3 you’re supporting, we’ll do our best to help you!

Blessings, Robbi


Santa Fe Art Classes

Santa Fe is well-known for its vibrant art scene, and it’s no wonder that painting workshops are popular here. In these classes, you’ll learn from experienced painters who can give you tips and tricks for getting the most out of your art.