Beautiful Words from Students …

Beautiful Debbie Left me this message yesterday:

“I so enjoyed meeting and spending time with you. You are an amazing person and amazing art teacher!!”

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Deborah Mayberry at Santa Fe Art Classes

Debbie this was such an amazing class. You were all a bunch of phenomenal women and thank you so much for finding me here at Santa Fe Art Classes! Please paint with me soon again! Xo Robbi

We’re PROUD to have been selected: 2021 Winner: New Mexico’s Cultural Experience of the Year!
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I received another beautiful note yesterday from a class of 10 that came painting with me #santafeartclasses:

“Robbie!! You are Wunderbar! It was lovely to meet you, paint with you, museum tour with you, and dine with you! How wonderful to meet another woman who fit in so wonderfully with our Bowen family! I am going to do one of your recorded painting classes with my daughter! And I am eyeing one of your paintings online. 🙂 Lakeside!”Lisa Shifra

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Lisa Shifra (right in the front row)

Lisa, I am so grateful for this message. I cannot wait to paint with you and your daughter at my #onlineartclass. I adore each of you…

painting flower

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