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Fantastic art fun for the family! Mike, TripAdvisor Review June 16, ’20

July 5, 2020

Absolutely an enjoyable experience painting with Robbie! She accommodated on short notice my mother, teenage daughter, and myself during our family vacation to Santa Fe. She was very patient with us, explaining each stage of our painting, and we were greatly pleased with our results. Robbie is a very warm person who is passionate about…

Painting with Karin Waas! Spontaneous Private Walk-in, June 13,’20

July 5, 2020

Karin found SantaFeArtClasses while visiting from Texas. And…look at her stunning painting, reminiscent of an O’Keeffe landscape! Sometimes an impromptu decision (like taking a private art class) can have a beautiful outcome.  Karin Waas Thank you for letting me have one of your fun classes. I learned a lot & am sorry we had to head back to…

Where Sunflowers become a Tribute …

July 5, 2020

Where sunflower becomes a tribute to the Beatles and Jackson Pollock…Thank you Lynne, Everleigh, and Jenna for making this painting class SO special. LOVE you, ladies! SantaFeArtClasses June 11, ’20

First Private Class since COVID-19! June 02,’20

July 5, 2020

This was SO special!! The first private painting class in the SantaFeArtClasses Studio since COVID-19. I was feeling rather emotional… And what a privilege to share it with the beautiful Hoshmi family. Thank you for a wonderful time,

Mom and Daughters Online Class

June 2, 2020

Look at this,,,How adorable! This is from my private zoom LIVE class with a mother and her two daughters. They bought my painting and they all live together as a holy family on North Carolina. Linda can you blog this and post? 

How to Paint Georgia O’Keefe’s Cerro Pedernal: Recorded Class

May 17, 2020

This inspiring, 2-hour, online painting class guides you step-by-step to completing a frame-worthy, beautiful Georgia O’Keefe’s Cerro Pedernal painting! We’ll send you the link after purchase…and we are using the “Honor System.” So, please select the number of painters in the quantity dropdown upon purchase. To your health, well being, and to creativity! Best, Robbi…

How to Paint an Aspen River Landscape: Online Painting Class with Artist, Robbi Firestone.

May 17, 2020

You Can Paint This Beautiful Aspen River! You Can Paint Any Landscape! We’re excited to Paint a beautiful Aspen River with you! Upon purchase, you will receive a LINK to view this acrylic painting class*. Click the link, and enjoy the art class any place, and any time you wish to paint. Take it as…

Start a New Family Tradition! Online-Themed Painting Workshops for Families and Friends

May 17, 2020

Get Together and let’s Start an Online Themed Painting Workshop for Families and Friends. As we celebrated it then we can also celebrate it Online now with Robbi! SANTA FE, NM –  Santa Fe came alive during the holidays! The aroma of baked goods and warm stews filled the air, and around every corner, one…

Santa Fe Art Classes On KVSF

May 17, 2020

Santa Fe Art Classes founder Robbi Firestone sat down with Simon Brackley, host of Business Matters, for a recent interview on Santa Fe’s KVSF Radio. During the 20 minute segment, they discussed topics ranging from the founding of Santa Fe Art Classes, the joys of teaching, discovering a person’s inner artist and more… One point reiterated…

Nancy continues to Paint at home!

May 17, 2020

The Lovely Nancy Birdwell from Dallas painted with us for the first time ever, and has continued at home! I LOVE hearing from students who continue with their Creativity! Nancy wrote to me just now: “Robbi: You may remember me from our painting class on 12-19 while I was in town from Dallas, Texas. Believe…