Magnificent Mountains

July 19, 2021

It was such fun teaching this delightful family at #Santafeartclasses. They’re from Texas and everyone is a talented, focused painter in their own right. What a beautiful family – please come paint again!! Love Jil. The Kennedy Family Painting with Jill @Santa Fe Art Classes, July 14 Learn to Paint:  Classes for Everyone! “In less…

We are Back To Paint at Santa Fe Art Classes

July 12, 2021

This beautiful family came back to paint with me #santafeartclasses. WOW, two days in a row. I’m so blessed. Hope to see you soon again. LOVE Ro xoxo Join Us at Santa Fe Art Classes Contact Robbi Now 575-404-1801

Grandmother/Granddaughter trip!

July 12, 2021

Here’s grand Kathee and Eliza connecting and creating on a Grandmother/Granddaughter trip! Of all the #thingstodoinsantafe I’m thrilled that you chose to paint “Seguaro Skies” at Santa Fe Art Classes with me!! Kathee please come back with all your family for a family reunion you’ll all treasure forever. XO Robbi Kathee & Eliza, 07/5/21 Everyone…

From Doubters to Believers

July 11, 2021

I love this family so much; they’re coming back tomorrow to paint chili peppers. We knew the “doubters would become believers” in their own inner artistic voice! Everyone is an artist #santafeartclasses. I’m thrilled to have you back tomorrow. I love you guys and can’t wait to see what beauty you create. Love Ro xoxo…

A Beautiful Talent …!

July 10, 2021

Abi & her Aunt Brittany came for a visit to #santafeartclasses. Abi is 11 years old and is incredibly talented! She chose sweet colors and painted with direction – and verve – she loves to paint, and it shows. Please paint with us again! Love Jill xo Making Memories with Jill. Abi and her Aunt…

New “Skull Sun” Painting

July 10, 2021

Rachel, you’ve brought me one of my favorite painting families! Your children are EXQUISITE humans – kind, thoughtful, humble, beautiful. My heart feels full (and a bit empty) after you all left. I love our new “SKULL SUN” painting – inspired and created by Noah and Eve. Much love to you all. Please come paint…

Mom & Daughter Girl Date

July 10, 2021

Fun Mother & daughter class at #santafeartclasses, painting unicorns. What a fun girl date. Please join us again. Jill xoxo (instructor to Robbi Firestone Join us – SO much fun @Sant Fe Art Classes Studio Privates $325 for 1-3 People +$75 each Added Painter Looking for the best of “things to do” in Santa Fe,…

Silver City Comes to Santa Fe!

July 6, 2021

Silver City comes to Santa Fe Art Classes! After a day of exploring the NM landscape, why not paint it? Gorgeous art emerged from these hiked-out engineers – paint and Epsom salts are the order of today. Silver City Hikers, 07/04/21 Learn to Paint:  Classes for Everyone! Downtown Santa Fe: Studio & Online Painting Classes…

Glamorous Gran

July 5, 2021

I loved teaching this glamorous gran and beautiful10-year old Teegan Santa Fe Art Classes. Teegan was very attentive – knowing what to paint and how to go about it! So respectful towards her grandmother and me. I real joy. XXX Jil. Susie Frame with Keegan, 06/26/21 Special moments with Jill @ Santa Fe Art Classes…

Veterinarians Taking A Day Off

July 5, 2021

Four veterinarians walk into a bar – No – I mean 4 veterinarians walk into an art studio + painted chickens and gave the teacher a class to remember forever. I’m in love with every one of you AND your sweet psychic chickens. Please name them over margarita’s – then send me their names. I…