Bring Family Closer with Art Classes

Are you looking for a way to bring your family closer together? Ever wished that there was something you could do in Santa Fe, New Mexico, that would be both enjoyable and meaningful for everyone involved? If so, consider participating in one of our art classes one block from the plaza. In our 2-hour painting workshops, Santa Fe Art Classes‘ special creative activities will help your family stay connected and allow them to explore their artistic talents. By participating in hands-on classes with professional artists, and experienced instructors, each member of your family can learn new skills while creating beautiful works of art alongside their loved ones! So make sure to take advantage of the BEST art classes Santa Fe offers – it’ll make those cherished memories truly last throughout generations. It’s why we’re voted TripAdvisor’s #1 painting workshop for five years.

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If you’ve ever wanted to explore your artistic side and try your hand at painting, there’s no better place to learn than Robbi Firestone’s #1 painting workshop in Santa Fe! Whether you’re an absolute beginner or have some experience with a brush, Firestone’s painting workshop is open to all aspiring painters who want to explore their creativity. You can learn basic techniques that set the foundation of your art journey within just two hours. 

You will also benefit from Firestone’s decades of professional experience as she or her team personally takes you through each step of the process. 

The studio is warm and inviting, and beginner painters are always welcome. So why wait? Start your unique journey into painting with Firestone’s esteemed #1 workshop today!

Why come to Santa Fe to paint with Robbi?

1. art is for everyone

2. Santa Fe offers a unique experience with the best  art classes to choose from at Santa Fe Art Classes

3. the 2-hour painting workshop is perfect for beginners or those who want to try something new

4. you’ll be able to bond with your loved ones while creating beautiful paintings together

5. all materials are provided, so all you need to bring is yourself and your creativity!

Our professional artist-teachers are lifelong learners who strive to empower their students through compassion and support. They are skilled mentors with a passion for inspiring connection through creativity, making learning an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Whether it be painting, drawing, or other forms of artistic expression, our teacher aims to help you build a lifelong appreciation of the creative arts. Their enthusiasm creates a fun-filled atmosphere that’s motivating and inspiring in equal measure.

Robbi Firestone and her team of pro instructors have been thrilling families all over with their 5-star reviewed procedure for teaching an array of skills step by step in a motivating and enjoyable environment. Robbi’s approach has allowed families to reach higher levels of creativity and connection. With such highly rated reviews from families worldwide, it’s no wonder Robbi Firestone continues to be one of the field’s art educators and inspirational leaders!

Experience great art classes only found in Santa Fe. Be inspired to paint while immersing yourself in the Hispanic, Native American, and European cultural influences of this great town while learning new skills and having fun! Learn professional painting techniques that are sure to impress as you take home personalized creations of your design. Be inspired by the remarkable beauty of Santa Fe as you hone your artistic skills with the best art classes TripAdvisor has to offer. An unforgettable experience that everyone should try at least once in their lives.

hundreds of 5 star reviews from adoring families for Robbi Firestone and her team of pro instructors

Robbi Firestone and her team of pro instructors have been thrilling families all over with their 5-star reviewed procedure for teaching an array of skills step by step in a motivating and enjoyable environment. From figure skating to piano, Robbi’s approach has allowed children to reach higher levels of success in the classroom and beyond. With such highly rated reviews from the parents of these kids, it’s no wonder that Robbi Firestone continues to be one of the leading educators in the field!