“Best way to relax and dig into creative energy in Santa Fe! Robbi is an extraordinarily gifted painter and teacher. I truly enjoy her style of teaching…almost a spiritual experience.” – Carole B

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Carole Baker with Robbi Firestone

Dear Carole, I’m so grateful for your kind words. Being a teacher yourself, it means a lot to me that you’ve said you felt connected deeply with your creativity and spirituality while you paint it.

As you know, this is the space from which I create, too. I am grateful every time we are together in the studio… And thrilled to see what creativity expresses itself through you. It’s always as beautiful as you are. Of all the #thingstodoinsantafe, I’m grateful you found our Santa Fe painting workshop. And even more grateful that we continue to grow together, painting, and exploring where our creativity leads us.

Here’s to your next class! To your incredible creativity! Blessings, Robbi