Artist Robbi Firestone ignited the stage with creativity and passion during her performances on September 7th and 8th at the prestigious New Mexico Tech Summit, and was made possible through the generous sponsorship of WellD Workwear, a cutting-edge fashion brand at the forefront of innovation.

As the paramount gathering for leaders in Web3, blockchain, and Virtual Reality, her presence was made even more extraordinary wearing the onside design collaboration with Hollywood costume designer Angelique C. Paull.

This partnership with WellD Workwear is just the beginning of a thrilling journey where Robbi Firestone’s artwork becomes the perfect fit for fashion promotional opportunity and industry licensing, paving the way for even more groundbreaking artistic collaborations in the future.

This collaboration represents an exhilarating moment at the crossroads of creative expression and technological advancement, leaving an indelible mark on the trajectory of both industries.