Favorite Ladies Class Ever!

How can I thank you, Catherine, for bringing your Brightview clients/friends to Santa Fe Art Classes and trusting me with them! Must be my all-time favorite, magic group of ladies EVER: They dove into ART THERAPY techniques, and just look at the results!! Their paintings read like books by these friends: intimate, honest, open… I’ve committed to them to do a retreat this year where we will come together and DEEP DIVE! What an honor to know these women – I adore them all and I’m counting the days until we can meet up again.

I received this 5 STAR Review on TripAdvisor

“Robbie was a wonderful teacher who allowed each student a chance to find their artist within. She was very informative and patient while she showed us different techniques to try. She also showed us how to interpret the art we each created, and how much more it was then just colors and lines on canvas. It was a very empowering class. I highly recommend it.”

What amazing experience it was to have you and your ladies together through Brightview landscaping. I had an amazing time with you all; it was one of my favorite ladies retreats ever! And I hope to see you all again very soon. Your openness, vulnerability, and immense love of one another showed with such clarity in your paintings. As I told you, yours was a dream class for me.

And as your humble artist guide, and I learned so much from each and everyone of you. Please come back and paint with me again! You all truly turned the studio into our church. It’s almost amazing to me that it was only two hours. Feels like a lifetime of learning and sharing. And wow, the paintings you all created we’re just stellar! Don’t forget; you all can do this again and again on my online painting classes; either recorded or live with me in zoom studio. I can’t wait to see you all again.

Much love, Robbi

Favorite Ladies Class Ever!

Santa Fe Art Classes

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