How to Paint: Desert Landscape Online Class with Artist, Muse Robbi Firestone … Art Whisperer

How to Paint A Desert Landscape

Yes! YOU Can Paint This STUNNING Landscape!

You’re Painting with Robbi Firestone, Owner of Santa Fe Art Classes; Now ONLINE! Wahoo!

Whether you think, “I can’t draw a stick figure,” or are an artist just wanting to experiment…all skill levels Welcome Here: agest 5-105+.

Watch your frame-worthy painting unfold, as if by magic, real-time, alongside Robbi’s.

You’ll ease into painting, connect with creativity, enliven your intuition. Students often say”…it’s like meditation!”

Along with Robbi’s 25 years of teaching skills, this video includes:

– One subject, acrylic painting class – Introduction of simple tools

– Clear directions to the finish – Easy to follow, step by step instructions – Fun experimentation

– Designated pauses for periodic breaks – Joyful, playful tone to support creativity

– Easy art techniques to follow (or not!)

– An unforgettable, creative adventure

Robbi’s passion for inspiring and empowering people to live more creative, joy-filled lives is evident throughout the entire video, making it super fun for everyone, from ages 5-105+.

She loves proving to beginners that, “Everyone is an Artist!” by guiding, supporting, gracefully inspiring, and motivating others to just DIY.

Gather the kids and hit play, or maybe surprise Mom to paint. Invite your Honey to an awesome Date Night. Better yet? Give yourself the Gift of Creativity; you can feel the Artist welling up inside!

Your Inner Artist has been calling you!

Now is time to experience an unforgettable, creative adventure.

Learn to listen to the “Artist Voice” deep inside and become a part of the Cultural Creatives Tribe.

Become a part of Santa Fe, New Mexico’s rich cultural heritage from afar by creating a mini-masterpiece you’ll LOVE: in the yumminess and comfort of your very own home.

Santa Fe Art Classes; Visit us in Studio in stunning Santa Fe, New Mexico; The City Different.

Be sure to visit for more stunning subjects to paint; all UNDER 2 hours of your precious time!

To your Creativity!

All the Best, Robbi Firestone Owner, Santa Fe Art  


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