“How to Paint Flowers: Inspired by O’Keeffe’s Poppy”: Painting by Joi Roberts

I was SO excited for this VIP, Designed-for-Everyone-from-Beginner-on! LIVE Painting Class. There were so many to join me at this #onlinepaintingclass! Santa Fe Art Classes … and also check out my Facebook page here.

Hey Robbi ….

Thanks for a great class today … so fun! 
Here’s my piece 🙂

I am happy to share it.

Please enjoy the rest of your weekend. …. until the next class.

~ Joi Roberts Oct 25, ’20
Joi, these colors are fantastic! And I love how you masked the edges.
Your watercolor blending is lovely, graceful….keep going.
It’s JOY to have you in the LIVE classes!
Bless, Robbi

Joi send me this three days later… I am so proud of her and her amazing artistic talent.

Joi Roberts

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