“How to Paint Flowers: Inspired by O’Keeffe’s Poppy”: Painting by Sandy Thurman

👩‍🎨Create. Smile. Repeat! That’s what we do @Santa Fe Art Classes

Many requested from me to paint Georgia O’Keeffe’s works, which inspire me daily. She was brave; ahead of her time.

We painted … INSPIRED by this white flower, yet, we didn’t COPY her works… we had all colors…whatever the heart desired!

Hi Robbi
Thank you for another inspiring class. I found this painting challenging.  In the end,  I enjoyed painting with a gentler hand and eye.
This first painting is from Sunday’s class.” ~Sandy Thurman Oct 25, ’20
Dear Sandy, Your painting is SO refreshing and beautiful. I absolutely
love the subtle touch
– Amazing! Hope you can join me again!”
Robbi XO

…. And what did Sandy Thurman do next? By being inspired … she painted another one. WOW! Fantastic! Please join me again at Santa Fe Art Classes

Robbi, Today I was eager to give it another go.
I look forward to your classes….the new, the familiar, the challenges, the companionship,
the knowledge gained, the act of creating.”
Sandy Thurman

Sandy Thurman class painting

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