“Indivisible: Quarantine, and Creating Art” by Robbi Firestone

In 2020, an uninvited, unexpected moment of Truth descended upon the globe. We are living through a shocking, defining time: historically, politically, culturally, existentially. 

Individually, we face the question, “What is it like to live under quarantine? How do we cope? What happens to our mental, physical, collective health? What is the story each of us will tell?” and, “What was my role in 2020?”

My passion is to support folks in need, hand-in-hand, face to face. Medically, however I am vulnerable to Covid, thanks to bi-lateral pulmonary embolisms at 42, resulting in my-not-so-good lungs. 

Rather than launch outward, habitually, I’ve deepened, inwardly….Created a cave of a subterranean studio, listening for hours at a time to echoed, haunting music, exploring subjects and medium in new ways.  

“IndivisibleQuarantine, and Creating Art” by Robbi Firestone, December 11, 2020

Art is my Lover and Friend, mirroring my cusps and crossings, milestones and impasses, high noons, zero hours, points of no return and standstills. 
Art uses me (like a fire) through findings and confusions, joys, serenity or ferocity. When I’m scared or sad, in love or lust, richer or poorer, in sickness (and now gratefully, in health,) it all materializes as Art. 

One story of 2020? My head is clearer. Hunger to make? Unsuppressed. 

I’ve slowed and rested…am unabashedly experimenting: finger-painting with oils, writing intentions on golden under-coats (which go hidden or remain), scraping away fogs, exploring ‘Black is Beautiful’ with soft pastel on suede, breaking color and softening gradations into blood reds…. 
Inspiration is emerging with an unexpected ease…from deep within my psyche. I’ve found more confidence, care and an immense freedom while creating these new bodies of work. 

My hope is my new works, (steeped in humble reverence for our Collective 2020), will enliven, quicken and inspire Viewers to face forward to 2021 to remember those we’ve lost, to ‘molt’ aspects of society and Self which no longer serve, and to embrace one another, and this beautiful world, and country, that we share. 

Lest we not forget: Indivisible…With Liberty and Justice for All. 

“Indivisible: Quarantine, and Creating Art”  by Robbi Firestone, December 11, 2020

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