Megan and boyz – Just see the JAZZ in them!

We had a creative feast when Meghan and boyz visited SantaFeArtClasses! 2 Bold, confident young men created exciting, unique works of art. Just see the JAZZ in them – so sensitive, strong and FUN! And gorgeous mon is clearly an artist!. They promised to be back – I cant’ wait!!

Mom Megan and Boyz, 30 March 2021

Memories, expressions and SO much Fun!

…And the final product … beautiful.

TripAdvisor ***** Review

Loved this art class! Our art class with Robbi Firestone was a highlight of our Santa Fe trip and we loved her patient and inspirational approach. At one point, one of our kids felt discouraged and Robbi responded so kindly. She talked him through his concerns and he left the class with a smile on his face and a painting he loves. He said it was his favorite art class ever!

Dear Megan, ok, lady,,, you are the BEST and Zander is an amazing, incubating talent to be unleashed! Thank you for your incredibly kind words and for letting me know that that beautiful young man left with a big smile and a painting he loves… It was sketchy for a minute… I wasn’t quite sure we’d be able to pull it out but we did together! We are great team!

I cannot wait to paint with you all again, to see you again, to share cocktails on my amazing front porch again. I simply adored meeting you and since this conversation will go on for quite a while with much joy between us. Blessings and love to you and Chris! Don’t forget to go to the boys and paint with me online; I’m doing Hockney mountains tomorrow. XOR


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