Online VIP Class: A Stellar Painting

Today’s painting at Santa Fe Art Classes.

Thank you so much.  It was wonderful to feel the creativity again.  I’m inspired to renew my quest to paint daily.

Blue Shadow Heaven, Sandy Thurman – Aug 28, ’20

The others are from your recorded classes.

Dear Sandy, I am blown away. You’ve done such great work at home, and then to top it off with this….the difference between the two moments when you did the Aspens…amazing! I’m am simply in LOVE with the ‘yellow’ tree….the blue shadow is Heaven.

In fact, all your shadowing is stellar. The subtly and form throughout is exquisite. And the finalization with the contemporary designs of triangulated brown on white is exceptionally done. I’m MOVED at what you created. I feel very inspired by your work!. 

I really hope you’ll join me again!


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