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Studio Art Classes: Santa Fe

$325 for 1 or 2 Painters +$50 for Each Added Painter

“I can’t WAIT to see what YOU will Create!” xoxoxo Robbi

Best Studio Painting Classes in Santa Fe

Embrace the vibrant spirit of Santa Fe with our variety of Studio Art Classes, held in the working artist studio of internationally renowned artist Robbi Firestone. Perfect for the entire family, these classes provide a joyful opportunity to bond with your loved ones while exploring your creative side. Learn new techniques, try different mediums, and create lasting memories – all within the inspiring atmosphere of Santa Fe.

Whether you’re a seasoned artist or a complete beginner, our Private Painting Classes offer a unique blend of creativity and bonding. Picture this: You and your loved ones immersed in the art of connection, surrounded by the stunning scenery of Santa Fe, in the heart of Robbi Firestone’s working artist studio. These classes are not just a creative experience; they’re a celebration of laughter and deep connections over creativity.

In less time (and $$$) than a 5-star dinner, you’ll craft the perfect Santa Fe souvenir – a unique, frame-worthy painting. Families rave, ‘You’re the BEST family activity in Santa Fe: an amazing, inspiring children’s activity.’ Elevate your Santa Fe experience with the best of the best at Santa Fe Art Classes – where every brushstroke is a celebration of art and togetherness.”

What will you Create?

Are you ready to unleash your inner artist? Click now to book your private painting class at Santa Fe Art Classes! In just 2 hours, our professional artist instructors will guide you step by step, proving that YES, you too can paint a frame-worthy masterpiece. With hundreds of 5-star reviews, our classes are the best in Santa Fe. Don’t miss this opportunity to create, smile, and repeat. Book online now and let the magic of art transform your world!