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Unleash your Inner Artist; AT HOME!

You’ve asked!

So we made it happen because we hear so often, 

“I can’t find anyone who teaches the way you do….I really CAN paint!”

Oh my gosh! You can now paint with us at home.


Yup, ANYWHERE!::: create a mini-masterpiece at your own kitchen table, in a classroom, on a beach or in a boat…


Yup! Anywhere!

Here in Santa Fe, South Africa, Sri Lanka or Spain…


Around your kitchen table, with your class of kids, as a Mom & Daughter date, birthday or wedding party….


Use your own Supplies! (LIST to Right:)


Everyone completes a beautiful artwork, and spends super fun, precious time together.

I’ll guide you step-by-step with support, compassion, practical insight and instruction, analogies, funny quips and stories.


Learn to paint, at home.


It would be my honor to show you that truly, Everyone is an Artist.


Especially YOU!

Xo, Robbi


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