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We at Santa Fe Art Classes are so proud of our 5 ***** Star Reviews

Cam came to #SantaFeArtClasses and painted the eye. She sent this beautiful review on TripAdvisor:

“Robbi Firestone is a talented artist and a fantastic art instructor! She’s very professional and wants you to produce quality work. I spent 4 hours in a private portrait drawing class with her. She reviewed my current work by phone and determined that we should concentrate on painting the eye. She was well prepared for the class and makes it fun, interesting, and informative! She helped me paint more freely and more creatively with color. I loved the results!! I highly recommend spending the afternoon with such a talented and enthusiastic artist- you won’t be disappointed!”

Dear Cam, I am so happy you feel the time we spent together was enriching, inspiring, and time and money well spent! Your portrait class with concentration on painting the eye was so much fun for me. As you know painting portraits/pictures of people are my very favorite thing to do. I’m thrilled that you feel more free and creative with color in your painting.

Please send me a photograph of your final piece framed and hung in your beautiful home. I’m grateful for this kind review and that of all the things to do in Santa Fe, you feel spending the afternoon with me was a great day. I hope to see you again; next time let’s do a private painting class with that wonderful husband of yours! To your creative freedom! Much love, Robbi Firestone

Stefanie Also sent us a 5 ***** review on TripAdvisorBeautiful afternoon of art in Santa Fe #santafeartclasses

“My young daughter and I had a wonderful time painting with Robbi! She was so vibrant and full of encouragement for my daughter to paint her vision. It was a lovely afternoon.”

Dear Stephanie, I had a gorgeous day painting with you and your beautiful, sweet daughter. She is a creative force to be unleashed on the planet. I Cannot wait to see what that little one does with all of her talent, ferocious passion, keen eye, conscious focus, and sweet, sweet personality.

Thank you for bringing her to play with me. I loved simply painting with you and providing the freedom and space for her to play with such forever! I hope to see you again very soon. Thank you for your very kind review of me and Santa Fe Art classes. Big love, Robbi Firestone

Chsisar wrote a review on TripAdvisor and gave us a 5***** Review”

Fun class: #santafeartclasses Good instruction and it flew by. We all felt good about our pieces regardless of level. Ta da”

Ha HA! Tah Da!!!! What a fun review; thank you so much! I’m thrilled you had fun painting and feel great about your individual artworks! That is the highest compliment to ALL of us at Santa Fe Art Classes. Making art is definitely a great way to spend a fun, quiet day…and surprise yourself in the process with how awesomely creative you all are!

Of all the Things to do in Santa Fe, I’m thrilled you found us! Looking forward to painting with you again. Blessings, Robbi

Another 5 ***** Review for #santafeartclasses on TripAdvisor by jethomps

A Fantastic Artistic Experience!”We were all adult beginners, and we had a wonderful painting class with Robbi. We left with personal artwork and beautiful memories. The class was a highlight of our family reunion trip to Santa Fe. It was fun, reflective, and creative, and Robbi was the perfect host and instructor. The studio was bright and comfortable, and everything we needed was provided. We’re already looking forward to going back for another class!”

Dear Jennifer, Thank you so much for your kind words…I cannot WAIT to paint with you again and see the next part of your creative adventure! This is the best review ever… That you were all adult beginners and feel you painted fantastic works… That you felt you created amazing memories of things to do in Santa Fe, and that it was a highlight to your family reunion in Santa Fe all means so much to me! I’m grateful you felt I was the perfect art instructor… And that you enjoyed the studio.I cannot wait to paint with you all for a live private party online to celebrate another reunion or birthday. Or join me in one of the public classes with you and your lovely honey! I just put Donald’s paint kit in the mail, so I know I’ll be painting with you all again soon.

And specifically, Jennifer, you need to keep painting… Your impressionistic take on that windswept landscape was gorgeous, subtle, feminine, expressive, and absolutely stunning to look at. You created a beautiful work of art, which complemented your husbands so perfectly. His was bold and masculine, naturalistic and kind of fierce. I absolutely loved both paintings side-by-side. Please buy frames and send me a photograph of your artwork hanging in your home. I’m grateful that of all the things to do in Santa Fe, you came and brought your beautiful family to celebrate and paint with me. Blessings, Robbi

Christina T also gave #santafeartclasses a 5***** Review on TripAdvisor

Fun and creative experience!

“Robbi’s class was so much fun and her studio is adorable and located in a lovely area. I took a class with my family and we all have very little painting experience but Robbi put us at ease and showed us great techniques and we each left with a feeling of accomplishment and an amazing work of art. Robbi is incredibly kind and patient and I learned so much and feel inspired to keep painting! I would highly recommend taking a class at her studio or one of her many virtual classes. It was a nice way to connect with the vibrant local art community in Santa Fe during our trip!”

Dear Christina, I’m thrilled you and your family feel enriched by your creative time painting at Santa Fe Art Classes. Of all the things to do in Santa Fe, I’m thrilled that you brought your family to enjoy one another and create exquisite memories together in our sweet little art studio. I feel so happy that you loved my sweet downtown Santa Fe studio; who knew an adobe farmhouse could be SO cute? And that you had an amazing fun time with your family. I’m glad you felt at ease and had a lot of “take her home value” in great techniques.

Yes, it’s amazing to feel so accomplished having created your very own artwork. Thank you for your thoughtful compliments; the biggest compliment is that you feel you learned a lot and feel inspired to keep painting! I’m grateful for your high recommendation in taking a class at Santa Fe Art classes. And even the mention for the online classes; I can’t wait to paint with you live online in zoom studio. Make sure to come back and paint with us again! Blessings, Robbi

Tom G Giving #santafeartclasses a 5 ***** ReviewSanta Fe

Art Experience with Robbi Firestone

“Robbi is a wonderful, gifted teacher for friends and family of all ages. My 7-year-old granddaughter thoroughly enjoyed her chance to paint a horse, her favorite subject. She is so very proud of her framed piece and is looking to return with several of her friends. Santa Fe is renowned for our art and Robbi is well known as an important part of that legacy. We heartily recommend Robbi to all!”

Dear Tom! I am so grateful for this amazing review; especially because you are our most renowned tour guide in Santa Fe. As such an important and significant professional guide for tourists through our beautiful town, I’m thrilled that you feel great about my time with your beautiful granddaughter and daughter.

We had a blast! As I love to say, children become the teachers because they’ve not yet forgotten how to be an artist! I’m thrilled that she is proud of her painting and looking forward to coming back with her friends and hopefully their parents! I’m grateful for your kind review and especially that you recommend Santa Fe Art classes for not only your loved ones but also for our beloved visitors as one of the best things to do in Santa Fe, New Mexico! Honored by your kind words! All the best, Robbi


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