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Stuard L

Great time learning and sharing!

Jun 2021

Highly recommend this class if you find yourself in Santa Fe. I learned some practical techniques along with gaining some insight on the creative process and how that equates to life.

Stuard Lesley visited Santa Fe Art Classes 06/30/21

Dear Veterinarian… I can tell from your handle that you must have been one of my lovely chicken painters! I’m so happy and grateful that you highly recommend this class if you find yourself in Santa Fe. Thrilled that you feel you took away practical techniques, and yes! The creative process and cover so much about our personalities… And you thought you were just taking a little painting class! Ha!

Yes, life is the creative process as you well know biologically… And now you know for sure, that you are eternally and have always been an artist! Please paint with me again! I would love to see you. Big hug, Robb

Christy H

Wonderful experience!

Team building event We had a wonderful creative time together. Highly recommended for team bonding!!

Christy Hoornstra another Veterinarian visited Santa Fe Art classes also on 06/07/21

Dear Christie, I absolutely loved having you and the other veterinarians in the studio painting beautiful, ornamental chickens! And you all went so DEEP with your creativity! It was a beautiful connecting, bonding experience. I am grateful to have met you all, hope you loved La Choza margaritas afterwards!

Please join me in painting again. I’d be overjoyed to see you. All the best, Robbi

Kathie F

Discover your inner artist!

We were looking for an art experience for our artistic granddaughter, and Santa Fe Art Classes was the perfect solution! Robbi is amazingly talented and has a very unique way of connecting with each individual in your group, drawing out your hidden talents.

We had a blast, and are still talking about this fun day! Situated in historic Santa Fe, the studio is fun, relaxing, and inspiring. We loved our time sitting in the rocking chairs on the front porch, just getting to know Robbi and talking about painting.
Don’t miss this if you are in Santa Fe!

Mask artist and her amazing grandparents painted unique & beautiful butterflies, 06/30/21

Dear Kathy, I absolutely loved our time with you and your beautiful granddaughter. It was fun to see her step in, relax and really start exploring. What amazing paintings you both created! I am grateful that you enjoy the time just connecting, and especially enjoying my rocking chairs on the front porch!

Of all the things to do in Santa Fe I’m grilled that you feel this is a “don’t miss it” experience for you and your family. Please come back and do a painting class/ private family reunion with us! Much love, Robbi

Susie F

Painting in Santa Fe

We had Jill as our teacher.. she was enthusiastic, encouraging and very helpful! This was my first time to paint and Jill inspired me to want to paint more

“I loved teaching this glamorous gran and beautiful10-year old Teegan” Jill, 06/28/21

Dear Suzie, thank you for your lovely note about our beautiful painting teacher, Jill. She really is a gem, isn’t she? I’m thrilled that she inspired you to paint more when you visited Santa Fe Art classes. Of all the things to do in Santa Fe, I’m happy we brought you in to paint for the very first time, and to keep wanting more!

Cheers to your inner artist, your creativity, and your joy! Let us keep supporting and guiding you in your artistic process! We have a library of online classes on, just like Bob Ross! You can even paint with me live on zoom when the fall and winter months come. You’ll love our other, supportive students as well! Join us for online painting classes! Blessings, Robbi

Julienne C

Art in Santa Fe – up close & fun for kids.

Awesome art class for the whole family!! Robbie kept 3 kids (& their parents) engrossed throughout the 2-hour experience, helped us all model how to keep the creative experience positive and fun. Definitely a memorable time for our family of 5 (3 kids under 10)!!

Beautiful Julienne and Family

OK Julie! You and Josh are the most amazing parents! Those three children are heartbreakingly beautiful and creative. Thank you for trusting me with your Littles as we explored our creativity together. All of your paintings were so beautiful; don’t forget to go to an art store and buy a standard size frame for your Paintings. frame them all together and hang them on the wall as your perfect Santa Fe souvenir.

I hope you all journey safely on the rest of your trip and come back and see me again. If not, don’t forget about my online painting classes; I’d love to paint with you all again and again and again. Much love to all your sweet ones. I celebrate your creativity!

All the Best, Robbi

RC Traveler

An inspiring experience

We really enjoyed our private family art class- 3 generations of different abilities all being inspired by Robbi’s enthusiasm and techniques. She was so incredibly kind to my children and we all had a wonderful time. Highly recommended for small groups and families!

Rachel and family, 07/06/21

Santa Fe Art Classes

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