Inside every woman is a Wild Sacred Muse, waiting to be set free. She governs our creative expression and our sexuality, who dance a magnificent tango in our 2nd chakra. As women, we have extraordinary gifts encoded in our soul, but the hidden thieves of our expression are often deep-seated fear, shame, and repression of our sexuality.​

In this healing workshop, we’ll learn to activate, harness, and liberate with our sacred sexual energy, and thereby launching the luminous jewels of our creative spirit. When we embrace our sexual and creative self, MAGIC is an inevitable result!

In this workshop you will:

– Unleash your self-expression and unique Creative Voice

– Connect with your sacred sexual life force; the source of vitality and power

– Enjoy a deeper and more pleasurable connection to your body

– Learn how truly love yourself

– Release shame, guilt, regret, heartbreak, and resentment

– Feel free in your creative expression, and release censorship, self-criticism, and shyness

– Playfully connect with your Wise and Wild feminine essence

We’ll use ancient tantric practices and creative expression such as drawing and journaling to empower the divine feminine force. Bring luscious food to share as we open the circle by feasting together. And chocolate, because…we’re women!

In a rare stop in Santa Fe, acclaimed psychotherapist, sexuality expert, and professional Troublemaker Eva Clay joins Spiritual Practitioner and creative tour-de-force Robbi Firestone, RSCP. Robbi and Eva are fiercely committed to a profoundly honoring and safe space for you to heal your heart. Bring your adventurous heart and a sense of humor!

Date and Time:

Sunday, November 15th

2pm – 5pm






Everyday Center for Spiritual Living
1519 5th Street
Santa Fe, NM 87505

Bring A Friend!

Explore your divine feminine force with a friend. Print out the flyer below to share the joy of discovery with those close to you.

Sex Magic And Creativity Flyer

The Art and Science of Authentic Intimacy

Spend a second day exploring sexuality and intimacy with Eva Clay when you also join her on Saturday November 14th for The Art and Science of Authentic Intimacy.

What if​ ​an entirely new depth of love​ ​were possible? Intimacy is the single most important – and often elusive – aspect of being alive. Many of us feel disconnected and confused about how to create (and sustain)​ ​loving, lasting relationships.

Through​ ​fascinating lecture,​ ​playful communication exercises,​ ​and​ ​edgy​ ​experiments, we’ll uncover how to bring more joy and​ ​pleasure​ ​to​ ​our relationships.

This workshop is perfect for couples and singles.