Start a New Family Tradition! Online-Themed Painting Workshops for Families and Friends

December 10, ’15

Get Together and let’s Start an Online Themed Painting Workshop for Families and Friends. As we celebrated it then we can also celebrate it Online now with Robbi!

SANTA FE, NM –  Santa Fe came alive during the holidays! The aroma of baked goods and warm stews filled the air, and around every corner, one could see the festive decor. Brightly colored baubles adorn trees and garlands and reflected the flickering light of the farolitos that lined sidewalks, walls and paths. Santa Fe Art celebrated these symbols of the season in two holiday-themed creative workshops.

“The richest, most memorable holidays are those spent joyfully with loved ones. I offered an opportunity for whole families to come together, enjoying one another in laughter, discovery, and exploration. You can begin a new, unforgettable family tradition by creating sweet paintings with grandchildren, children, and neighbors and friends!” said Robbi Firestone, founder of Santa Fe Art Classes in 2015.

“Ornaments and the farolito/illuminarias are mainstays of winter in Santa Fe. Seeing them enliven our city is a major attraction to many residents and visitors. Showcasing these lovely ‘little lanterns’ and the iconic adobe architecture is a delightful way to celebrate the warm feelings associated with the genuine beauty of the Santa Fe holidays.”

Participants of the drop-in ornament painting class had to create a 6×6-inch painting of the colorful trinkets. They were able to select from a number of original images to use as a guide to their own painting, then be guided step-by-step through their painting. Participants walked away with a painting piece that they could cherish for years to come.

It was also a fun family activity and both children (over 6 years old) and adults were encouraged to tap into their creative spirit.


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