Brianne JanesPaint Moment Teacher
“The movement of light on the land and old abandoned trucks has captured my creative attention for years. Both are forever changing and slowly decaying. but most of all there is a story to tell, perhaps a memory of glory, bliss or tragedy. All evoking an emotion in way or another”
Her facination for art started at a very young age but really became a need and purpose after working with and learning from acclaimed artist, Harry Orlyk. Leaving the coporate world behind she moved to Santa Fe where another incredible artist, Luisa McElwain, stoked the fire.
In February 2014, Brianne was approached and published by Western Art and Architecture magazine, highlighting her unique style and technique. Since, her works have recently caught the attention of private collectors and commissioners nationwide.

Brianne is currently focusing on Land Commissions for people. It could be land one owns, a special place a memory or a view out a window that someone wants to take with them when they move etc. “The land is so sacred to me and forever changing, that it IS documenting history in a way. I believe who we become, who we are, has a lot to do with our surroundings our “views”…and that is important to capture the beauty especially if it is threatened. I am currently working with land conservatories in New Mexico and cross the country to get more involved to help preserve what we have. Our importance of place.”

Brianne was born and raised in the farmlands of Utica, Nebraska. She currently lives in beautiful Santa Fe.