Truly Beautiful Aspen Scene

I’m so glad you encouraged us to do this. I didn’t really want to paint this particular scene as I didn’t feel adequate. As I worked on it I continually criticize myself. I started to shift as you taught to what do I like about this and it was the areas of light.

Initially it was so dark, that I went back over and added flecks of light randomly just to brighten it. I guess I’m feeling very autumnal, as I realize it’s still fairly dark. I’m very happy I painted this! @Santa fe Art classes!

Thanks for helping us to channel you , Kat

Kathleen Hurd Sept 29,’20

Wow, Kat,,,, this Aspen scene is SO lovely…
Truly beautiful.  FEELS like your Washington forests.  
Your touch is Delicate,,, sensitive…feminine. Stunning!

Please know that the internal critic is a battle that gets quieted with practice….I PROMISE. 
It’s NOT just YOU….its anyone attempting a new endeavor!


Kathleen Hurd

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