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Did you know we do corporate team building and private retreats for companies, spiritual groups, creativity retreats, etc?

Thank you, Linda, for this generous words about Santa Fe Art Classes!!!

“As a leadership development professional with 15+ years in the corporate world under my belt, I’ve seen my share of “team building” professionals, offering everything from cooking to bicycle building, in cities across the US. Santa Fe Art Classes is going to be that unique one in the crowd that will truly inspire minds and open hearts – one that I anticipate people will remember for years after attending, and I can’t wait to get my clients there!

With her completely unique background and skill set, Robbi has created the perfect space – a gorgeous combination of artistically inspiring and minimalistic-ally professional. It is clear that her group sessions will be lead from a place of deep grounding in the business world, while still inspiring that light playfulness and open hearted-ness that allows people to reach beyond the limits of their usual thinking, to find a renewed sense of their own creative capacities – in an art studio, or back in their offices! I’m over the moon that she’s right in our own backyard!

-Linda Pedelty
Leadership and Organizational Development professional

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