Be Willing To Do What Others Are Not

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(yup. Thats me. Just jumped out of a perfectly good airplane, and blowing a kiss at YOU!)
“Be Willing To Do What Others Are Not”

This is one of my favorite thoughts; it motivates me, dares me to grow, challenges me, focuses and fires me. I’ve jumped from a perfectly good airplane, SCUBA with sharks, hiked the Inca Trail and Alaskan glaciers, bungee jump, kiss giraffes in Kenya, and even have the audacity to declare myself a commissioned portrait painter!

I have a friend who often says to me, “It’s so easy for you,” which aggravates me. Living out loud is a PRACTICE…the practice of experiencing life as an ever expanding Being. I am not only willing to do what others are not, but what my mind tells me I cannot.

How dare I?
I Dare. And that’s how I choose to live…devouring Life.
What dare (for your own expansion) are you ready to take on? I wanna know…and support you in becoming an ever expanded version of a greater YOU!

Blessings, Robbi

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