Claim Your Greatness

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After the Art2Art Event for the Commisson of Cultural Affairs, a lovely woman requested a meet for tea. A writer since she was a child, she has felt stilted, unsure to claim herself as writer.

Here’s a reminder; Jesus Christ CLAIMED his greatness. He didn’t pussyfoot around,

saying meekly, “Gosh Golly, I think God loves me.” He proclaimed the Truth, “I am the Son of God.” So, I say, Claim your Truth! Speak who you are into the world! Co-create your life with your words. Tell people, “I’m a writer,” “I’m an artitst.” Or, “I’m the greatest homemaker in the entire world!”

Who are you REALLY? What is YOUR personal Truth. Name it. Claim it. Even if you feel like a fraud in the beginning. Practice professing your truth, and one day you’ll believe it too. I believe in you….Hugs! Rob

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