Ecstatic New Space. Inside and Out.

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Grateful….This week I welcome an ecstatic new spaces for me. Inside and Out.

As contractors finish flooring in my new Santa Fe studio, I feel within me a fuller expansion created. Painful emotional bondage released. This weekend, an immense and unexpected freedom occurred as I journeyed and bathed in the immaculate mineral waters of Esalen Institute at Big Sur, CA. I openly loved new friends.

Esalen’s culture provides for this. No masks. Judgement. Just clear communication. I feel a permission of freedom from lioness, a revived sexuality brought by sacred serpent, as playful, masked raccoon rescued me from a long sense of bondage. Nature teaches if we listen…if we watch.

Each person who contributed to my hearts movement, I thank you. Some I will never see again. A couple, I pray I encounter again and again, and again again.

Humans are my blessing. My teachers. This is what inspires me. Creates my portraits. People are my ultimate passion in life. I love to love. That’s why I’m here, in this life. It is my mission to empower, inspire and motivate women to live more authentic, creative, joy filled lives. This weekend, this gift was given to me. I was inspired, brought more joy. I loved with all my heart. Thank you, new friends. Thank you Spirit.

Check out Esalen Institute if you want to awaken to more of your own heart….

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