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Today I received the loveliest thoughts from a beautiful woman who attended my Vision/ Dream Journaling workshop….

“I had come to a time in my life where I was devoid of hopes, dreams, wishes or any form of future thought, other than dread and a mild fear. I knew it was not a great way to live, so when I saw the Robbi Firestone workshop advertised, something inside me decided to turn a corner and perhaps find some relief.

In my twenties and thirties I was introduced to visualization, positive thinking, vision boards and the like; I was no stranger to this activity but it had been many years. I knew it couldn’t hurt, even if it didn’t help me. At least I would try, one more time.

Truthfully, as a woman uncomfortably living with little future intent, I was doubtful anything new would shine on me. I’d taken some pretty big, tightly timed hits to my joy, my light, my self-love, my self-esteem, and my belief in the goodness of myself. So much loss, betrayal, suffering, abandonment, and loneliness had left me in way too much pain, most of the time.

From the moment I entered the space, I felt calm, at ease, but mostly, welcomed. Robbi’s manner inspires trust and honestly. I felt wholly accepted, warts and all.

Robbi set the mood with soothing sounds, aromas, words, and intention. I did not resist. I went deeply into myself with ease in her care. I was able to be in a place in my head where the demons left me alone for the entire stay. I felt understood and listened to. There was no pressure to perform, only to enjoy myself, and get reacquainted with myself. The entire exercise was an invitation to get to know myself again and coax myself out from behind the couch. To remember who I am and set my gaze to the future and imagine a better life. My cynic and my skeptic departed and my imagination was suddenly set free.

It’s a profound gift to be assisted so gently back in from the cold, imagine a better future and reclaim this life. I will forever be grateful for discovering this. Ms. Firestone helped me do this. I know I can always go back to this well, where she reminded me, it was safe to drink.

A profound experience – you won’t see it coming. I hope it will surprise and delight many others as it did me.”

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