I’m Supposed to Blog about Art?

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I’m an artist. And I’m supposed to blog about Art?

Some ask me recently my blogs are not often “Arts Focused.” The answer is; (drumroll please)…Life. Art Equals Life. Living. My everyday life experience informs my art. Inspires it. Creates it. And I’m inspired by that which is educational, motivational, inspirational, and oh yeah, art.

I love that our lives are multidimensional: that I know myself to be a spiritual, mental, emotional, being having a physical experience on this planet.

I think most folks get to “Mental” about art. I just do my best to let art happen In, As and Through my life.

As the magnificent Julia Cameron writes about creativity;
“We get a lot farther creatively by staying put and doing something small and doable in everyday life….Begin where you are, with who you are….In order to go where you want to go creatively, you have to star somewhere.”

The Creative life is not exotic. Whatever you can do, DO. Simple. Self Nurturing. Easy. Draw in mud with a stick. Stack your woodpile with alignment, integrity. Make a meal with full presence, blessing every Being that made it possible from the plant to animal, farmer to grocer. Gently brush your own hair 100x saying, “I love me,” with every stroke. Buy yourself a small luxury like cashmere socks.

I know it sounds crazy, but this is the beginning of calling forth your Artist. Your Art; Creating a Life that Serves you. Loves you back. Xo xo from me to you. Hugs

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