Inner Critic to Mystical & Trans-formative!

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Thought I’d share this lovely silencing of Dee’s Inner Critic! xoxoxo

“Dear Robbi,

Wow, I’ve been thinking about our time together and it just keeps unfolding. I’ve come to realize the depth and breadth of painting “Starry Night.” It was a test—one prepared for me by my spiritual helpers and absolutely no accident. Actually I felt synchronicity when I first saw your canvas on the table. I was so intent on creating a “good” Starry Night for my granddaughter, because we were going to attend a wine and paint “Starry Night” workshop in Denver, but got snowed out. Anyway, the point is that I didn’t paint with childlike abandon. The inner critic bullied the inner child and short-circuited the creative process. Thank goodness your gentle interventions provided support and nurtured the creative spirit. The really good news is that I have come to love my blobby ants and funky stars, especially since they have totally over-powered the very structured church with their mystical and trans-formative presence. Every time I look at the painting I notice more to think about and discover about myself.

In Gratitude! Dee Searing”

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