Is MFA the new MBA?

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I’ve just come across an insightful article about artists, and creatives.

Writer Steven Tepper questions,”Is MFA the new MBA?”

Artists often ask, “How do I make a living as an artist?”
My immediate response? “Study business and marketing.”

They rarely want to hear this answer. However, my part time job is learning how to run an effective, strategic, profitable business as an artist.

This Fast Company article (one of my favorite magazines) suggests a flip side of reality;
that companies can benefit from an artists survival oriented flexibility, out-of-the-box thinking, ‘comfort’ with rejection, conscious budgetary nature.

“In reality, the artist is a builder, an engineer, a research analyst, a human relations expert, a project manager, a communications specialist, and a salesman.” -Steven Tepper.


Do you have skills which can benefit companies? If so, you are well on your way to being a successful artist. One must be very strategic, intelligent and creative,  in addition to talent in order to make a living today in the arts.

Blessings on your journey! Now go make some money!

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