Law of Divine Compensation

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This evening 6 ladies and I gathered at the Everyday Center for Spiritual Living in Santa Fe. (Different than the 6 ladies who were naked in my hot tub last night, discussing art and passion!  ; 0    )

We pondered Marianne Williamson’s book, The Law of Divine Compensation.  (She is by far one of my favorite authors…and a fierce goddess!)

I feel convinced that this is our natural state…to love and lift one another to our stronger, higher selves in Sacred Circle. I am moved by the courage, insight and support women gift one another by simply being present, authentic and supportive; sharing our dark hours, our enlightened moments, the transitions where we learn to leap into the unknowns with unpracticed broken wings….

I feel grateful to be in the conversation of love-intelligence, heart intelligence, gut intelligence, and abundance.

Perhaps this conversation has a place at Santa Fe Art Classes? More to ponder.

G’night! I’m off to create dreams of fancy……Sweet night….xooxo Have luscious dreams.



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