Master YourSelf to be Free; Time to Let Go

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Sometimes it’s time to let go.

A dear friend and collector asked me if she could take home one of my favorite works….Never before was I ready to sell her (this painting above). She’s become a friend, inspiration, creative muse; my Guide.

Yet it’s time. To let go of things and thoughts past. Passed.

So, I sold her. And ship her soon.

I’ll do ritual of goodbye before I wrap her and we part. FedEx will drive up and take her from me. God bless the buyers…I have visitation rights.

A great listener, I’ll forever miss the painting I’ve come to call Josephine (when we have our intimate studio chats and pep talks). She watched me cry, scream frustration over paint color and life’s disappointments. We’ve shared champagne, and late night paint sessions, always my keeper, my protector, my dear friend.

“Master YourSelf to be Free” is her actual title.

And so I continue to attempt mastery of myself. Selling her is a Divine Release; inevitably a scary freedom.

I can handle it.

And I’m profoundly grateful to the couple that loves her as much as I do. I know she is going to a good home. And our love affair (me and this woman made of paint, passion and pain,) will be eternal.

I will always love my Josephine.

May she inspire and enrich the lives of my lovely friends and collectors. She could not have found a more loving home. To you two I say, “Thank you. For your trust. For your Love. For believing in me. And for adopting my beautiful Josephine….”

Eternally yours. All my love, Robbi

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