Miley VS Madonna; Portrait, Today’s Woman?

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Is Mileys Twerk the new Madonna Vogue? Miley’s Wrecking Ball Madonna’s Like a Virgin? Is this the new portrait of a woman?

I, for one, have always been a huge Madonna fan. I found her creative, innovative, fun, sexy, audacious. She has proven her profound staying power.

Were my folks as upset about her as we are Miley? Is this her rebellion for being known as cutsie Hannah Montana, adored by millions of little girls? Is this the portrait of the new female artist?

Without judgment, I also had an irreverent, rebellious relationship with my 20s sexuality. But, hummm,,, I find myself sending this young woman love. And clarity to all the little girls who have admired her.

When will the tables to self-respect, modesty, subtle beauty return? Neruda. Italian films. A crisp, autumn shadow. A modest, intrigued glance across the diner. The sensuality of this beautiful, romantic, elegant, gentle world mix with wrecking balls of shock value.

In the name of ART?

Let us attend to subtle beauties. Teach our children to see the elegance of a granddaddy long legs. Or a window screen sun struck. The smell of rain on sage. The visible dance of a dewy spider web. The romance, sensuality, flirtaton of Tamara de Lempicka

And do our best to honor young women growing up in a world of powerful, mixed messaging. Prayer; May we do what we can to nurture the beauty within ourselves. Not just beautiful bodies.

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