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Hi All!
I so enjoyed my interview with Mindful Marketer, Kimberly Maska. Wanna give it a listen? (And thank you, Kimberly, for your curiosity around my passion for Mind/Body/Spirit communications!

Here was her introduction to the show….
>>>>What does it take to be a Heart-Centered Entrepreneur? Join us as Robbi Firestone shares her marketing insights and her journey to becoming a successful Heart-Centered Entrepreneur.

Robbi Firestone is a creative force who refuses to accept labels. Her brave oil portraits capture the sitter’s physical image, his or her inner beauty, and harbor an imbedded, intuitive letter from the artist that describes, “the Beauty I See in You.” Her daily process may include writing, vision journaling, singing, or ecstatic dance.

Firestone has performed onstage at Carnegie Hall, Benoroya Hall, and the Grand Ole’ Opry. Previous sitters include Dr. Michael Beckwith from the groundbreaking film, “The Secret,” three-time Grammy Award winner Keb’ Mo’, “The Father of Human Potentiality,” Michael Murphy, Co-Founder of Esalen Institute, and lead singer Bart Millard from the chart-topping band MercyMe.

Firestone’s passion is to inspire women to live more authentic, self-expressive lives every day. Her philanthropic efforts include featured speaker or emcee for Institute of Noetic Sciences, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Friends of the Children, and Women Helping Women, among others. Additionally, Firestone served on the Board of Trustees of the Hollywood Arts Council. She donates over 3% to charity.


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