Practicing Mindfulness, (Darn It!)

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Practicing Mindfulness. And Love. These are my assignments from a wise one this month (my amazing shrink. Yup. You didn’t think I was a sane artist, did you?)

This psychiatrist went to monestary for 3 years. I love that his perspective is profoundly skilled on matters of the mind as a scientist, but also that he Believes. Believes in something Higher. And guides me, teaches me from the place that Life has Meaning. So what the heck am I gonna do with it?

Last month, my homework was to read Viktor Frankl’s “Man’s Search for Meaning.” One of the most impactful books I’ve ever read: “The Essential Neruda Selected Poems.” And at the perfect time. he suggest I carry my favorite quotes in my pocket for moments of strain.

He also ‘assigned’ that I focus on Overwhelming, True, heartfelt gratitude especially in the face of difficult moments. Darn it. My little voice in my head responded, “NO!!! Why do IIIIIIII HAVE TO WHEN ‘THEY’ SHOULD be the ones steppin’ down!”

DARN IT!… (I know he’s right.)
I am so grateful for the wise ones in my life. Profoundly. Overwhelmingly, truly, heartfelt-fully grateful.

Thank you God for people who know tons more than me. And have committed their lives to generously gifting their intelligence, love and compassion to goofy folks like me who ain’t got a clue.

Thank you, My God.

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