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This exquisite note from a beautiful woman I was fortunate to paint with from Fayettville, AR. I hope to visit her and go together to Crystal Bridges Museum….See you soon, Beautiful Jane! I adore you, new friend! xoxoxoxo

“Robbi, I almost can’t express how lovely painting with you yesterday was for me. I feel very privileged and full. Thank you for sharing yourself, your talents, your gifts, your heartaches and your dreams with me. When John asked me about it, it was actually hard to adequately tell him because so much of it was not about painting, but the experience of being with you.

I hope your second class was fun for you. I feel really confident that the people who took time to paint with you, came away richer.

When/if you get close to Fayetteville, let’s do Crystal Bridges….

Have. A sweet day. Breathe it in. Deep. Rich. Velvety even.

Let me know what you know.

Love, Jane….

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