Synchronicity and Surrender

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This morning I’m contemplating synchronicity.
Grace and Ease.
Going with the Flow.

Badger-like tenacity has always been strength of mine. If I want something, I will fight to near death to make it happen.

When do we know it’s time to give up on a life’s dream?

Committed to Holistic, Naturopathic, and Eastern approaches to health, (with Western Medicine as a last resort), I finally, had a necessary major surgery last week. After years of fighting the ‘good fight,’ experiencing profound pain, dreaming of perfect health, doing every possible short of voodoo, I gave in and gave up. Surrendered. Admitted defeat. (You don’t know how difficult this is for me.)

I am grateful for anesthesiologists, the fantastic drugs that took me into sweet release, my world class surgeon, and loving family and friends, my dream is dead. Forever.

And, the next day, inexplicably, suddenly, without warning, planning or effort on my part, another huge dream simply happened. Occurred. Came true.

What the heck?

Some kind of weird universal Grace, Ease occurred. Another, unrelated opening happened for me. A gift, from God?

So, I contemplate synchronicity as a clue that I’m ‘going with God’s flow.’

And I ask you….
How do we know when to Fight the good fight?
How do we know when to Surrender?

This is my contemplation today.
Synchronicity and Surrender.
Your thoughts?

Blessings and love, Robbi

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