Synchronicity; Possibility Past Pain

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Life has given me much chocolate and many roses.

And a lot of passion. A lot of pain.

Having moved thorough one of the most profound trials of my life in the last few years, I’m on the other side.

See, I wanted to have a baby. Since I was a child. My mom died when I was 3 years old of cancer. My step mom who raised me died when I was 20. Heart attack. A motherless daughter, all I’ve ever truly wanted is to love and be loved; by my child.

Despite almost every conceivable (ha!) attempt, it was not to be.

Last night a profound synchronicity manifested before my very eyes. Magically. Unexpectedly. So, lets see what happens. But the bottom line is…I have shifted into possibility again. Possibility past the pain. Thank you God for this sweet surprise.

Wish me luck. We rise together. Or we fall apart.

My painting above is named Rise. I’m beginning to identify with it again.

My heart to yours, Robbi

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