The Creative Muse Does Not Abandon

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So many people write me about feeling guilty if they pause their art making.

I no longer feel this…

Creating work may be on pause, but your art NEVER leaves you!

Sometimes it’s important to gestate. To simply, process, breathe deeply, focus on self care, and dive in to your work gently, softly and passionately, in Divine time.

Creation creates to and through you, even when there is no tool in your hand.

Do you journal, or make vision boards? I find them to be gentle when I cannot paint.
Your art is always there for you when you need it.
Let is soothe your heart.

Now if you sense procrastination, which is another matter to discuss….
Be gentle with yourself, and know that you are the very Emanation of Creation Itself.
The Muse does not abandon her Beloveds.


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