THE Mag Feature, “Worst Enemy to Creativity is Self-Doubt”

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Guy Cross of THE Magazine has done me the honor of letting me play in his arena.
Love this Guy (pun…ummmm.)

Guy visits artists in their studio, asking us to respond to a quote by a famous creative. What a fun task! Long inspired by Sylvia Plath, I was asked to respond to her quote; “The Worst Enemy to Creativity is Self-Doubt.”

Here is my answer:

“Sylvia Plath’s death was the ultimate expression of self-doubt: suicide. Self doubt is fear. Cowardice and confidence shadow all creativity. Cowardice overwhelms and negates, while confidence creates. My spiritual practice is to fiercely face my fears. I skydive. I bungee. I scuba dive with sharks. I say, “Fuck fear,” and devour life itself. Aware of my weaknesses, I create in spite of the enemy-doubt. My passion is to inspire and empower creativity in women, while fearlessly painting my Spirit Capture Portraits.”

Firestone’s is working on her current project, “12 Global Visionaries in 12 Months,“-portraits of visionary, bestselling authors including don Miguel Ruiz and Michael Bernard Beckwith. Firestone will be a conversation this month on creativity and empowerment at Cl0ud5 Project’s Lucent Exhibition.

Visit THE Magazine for more fantastic-ness!

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