Which of Your Quirks Liberate You?

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Excited! Today I begin teaching a Foundations Class at Everyday Center for Spiritual Living. I LOVE the sassy, bad ass minister, Rev. Gayle Dillon (who has done her Work!), love the community, LOVE being in the presence of folks passionate about stepping up in their lives; becoming more self aware every day.

Quirky tho’ it is, that’s right. I’m a church lady. A Oneness, Transcendent, God is Love kinda Church Lady. Totally, madly in Love with my God. And I wear Barbarella outfits like this one for Burning Man. Guess what? That’s what makes me special ; )   . I don’t play by the rules. And my God LOVES me for it!

I got some quirks. I’m a dichotomy. And so the heck are YOU!

Quirks liberate us. That’s where our creativity is born. What are yours?

I’m passionate about my office Labeler, matching hangars. Making sharpie designs on animal skulls. I collect Tuzzie Muzzie hats, feathers, rocks and dolls from my travels. Makeup must SPARKLE! I’ll only write with Uniball Vision pens. Fine point. Going to Burning Man! I love sweet duckies, Tarot, folded French lingerie, Clarisonic, Bungee, and eating chocolate every morning. Almond butter by the spoonful. And Old Hollywood Musicals. Barbarella and the Muppet Movie are the most influential movies of my life.

Yup. I’ll say it again. Quirks are where my creativity is born. Somehow, Spirit Capture oil portrait commissions happen from there. From the freedom of my little joys.

What lil quirks make you feel alive? Joy filled? Beautiful? Appreciated? Grateful?
These are the Birthplace of your creativity. Please share in the comments below. I’m curious.

Love in All Ways. Loving ALL of your quirks…, Robbi

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