What a Blessing it Was To Paint With This Family!

A wonderful mom with two quite talented daughters enabled us to paint two paintings. They were so focused, creative, and fun to teach. Beautiful! Of all the #thingstodoinsantafe I’m blessed to have been your teacher of the day. Jil xoxo

Lindsey Chavez & kids at Santa Fe Art Classes, 4/24/22

Paint with us break through barriers knowing; “I-MADE-THAT-Painting!!!”

…And then there’s that huge, gleaming, joyful, unforgettable, gorgeous, Santa Fe, artist Smile!

  • We design Creativity Retreats.
  • We serve incentive groups, company outings…
  • Are you celebrating a Birthday or hosting a Santa Fe Wedding?
  • Looking for a fun date night, a bachelorette party or Paint & Sip?
  • How about deeper connection for your Annual Family Meeting? (Yes, we’ll come to your location.)
  • How about surprising everyone and making an art class your new holiday/everyday/just for fun tradition/family activity in Santa Fe?

Whatever your desire, with us, you become an artist for the day…

Paint from your Soul.

Become a member of the rich, artistic tradition and culture of Santa Fe.

Lindsey Chavez & Kids

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