What a fantastic Chili Painting!

I SO love it when people who have joined my recorded online painting class sent me what they’ve done. @SantaFeArtClasses

“Hola Ms. Robbie, we loved the chile painting!  Very fun.  

Could we please do a landscape trio next: how to paint landscapes: Aspens, desert mesas, and desert landscapes.  
Many thanks for making a newfound art form easy and approachable!””

Cheers, Sara

Dear Sara, What a fantastic Chili Painting! I absolutely love it! You BOTH did a fantastic job on color, texture, highlights… I am very impressed. Not many people send me images of their paintings after they’ve taken my recorded, online painting classes, so I’m thrilled to see this from you! Thank you so much for sharing it. 

So yes, will set you up for  a Landscape Painting Trio: Aspens, Desert Mesas and Desert Landscape. 

And you must keep sending me your completed artwork. Don’t forget to frame them and send me a picture of where you hang them. These are definitely worthy of showing in your home.

Your paintings look amazing and it makes my heart so happy to see you moving forward with your creative creativity! Beautiful paintings… 

Talk soon, Blessings Robbi


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