Explore Painting Today! Classes for All Levels; Beginner to Advanced Artists, and Beyond...

Yes, you can paint. Do you think that you, "Can't draw a stick figure?" We prove every day, that 'Everyone Can Paint!' We offer you...

  • Simple supplies
  • Easy, "Connect The Dots" technique
  • Step-by-step guidance
  • Finish a frame-worthy painting...
  • In 2 hours; just 1 class!

Proud to be Rated #1 TripAdvisor Art Class:

ONLY 5 Star Ratings Since 2015!

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Check out 3 ways to start painting with us, right now!

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Join us in our lovely, quaint Santa Fe,  artists studio for Private, & Public Classes.

Currently, due to Covid-19, we are ONLY offering Private Bookings. Masks are required. All supplies are disinfected before, and after classes.

Located in the heart of the Railyard, we are only 15 minute walk from the Plaza.

We welcome every person to our studio with love, joy and inspired creativity. We are All One in Love and Life. #BlackLivesMatter, 100%. 


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Feelin' shy?

Want to paint at home?

Bring your family together, or paint alone;

Stream classes anytime, anywhere you like, 24/7!

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#3) LIVE Zoom Classes

ROF teaches ksk girls

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Want to throw a Private Paint & Sip Painting Party with painters in different homes?

What if Michelle lives in Michigan, Sandy in Seattle and Debbie in Dallas?

Schedule a LIVE Zoom Painting Class!

Call 575-404-1801 now!

1FAV Peter Family FUN

Our classes are what your Art Dreams are made of!

YPO Spouses (used with permission)

"One of the Best Art Classes I've Taken in my Life."
Louise, 35 * Tampa, FL

Comprehensive Health Education Services

"Robbi's was the first painting class I ever took...Now I have my first residency in Art! I'm pinching myself!""
Gia, 28 * Palm Springs, CA

1FAV#1Jamie Chaco dog

"...Robbi draws out & inspires your Inner Artist; we dubbed her "The Art Whisperer..."
Elise, 55 * Dallas, TX

“I can’t believe I went from not being able to draw a stick figure to painting a gorgeous sunflower in one class!”

Online class. ⁣⁣Stream it!
Taught by TripAdvisor's #1 Art Class in Santa Fe.
Up-level your skills.
🎨 ⁣⁣
Paint flowers, landscapes, animals and more.
🌸 ☀️ 🐕
Beginner to advanced.
👩‍🎓 ⁣
Few supplies needed.
By Yourself. Or Family⁣ fun. ⁣⁣
🎉 ⁣⁣👯‍♀️
At home.⁣
🏡 ⁣⁣⁣⁣
24/7: Paint anytime, anywhere.
⁣Create frame-worthy art!
For only $53 Bucks!
Love, Robbi ⁣⁣
😘 ⁣

Rated TripAdvisor #1 Art Class in Santa Fe, New Mexico

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5 Star Reviews
since 2015


Tripadvisor's #1 Rated
Art Class
in Santa Fe

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